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Want to join us? Fill out an application and our officers will review it. You will receive an email informing you of your acceptance or rejection to the guild. Be sure to put effort into your application as it will affect your chances of being accepted.

What to expect from us:

Successful raids with a quality guild
A great community of friendly, helpful, and active members
Constant focus on progression and bettering ourselves.
An active and always up Discord!

What we expect from you:

Level 80 and PvE gear that is suitable for ICC Heroic
Maturity and respect
Ability to speak decent English
Good gaming hardware
Knowledge of your Class and Raid Tactics
Being available for raids
Being active and being helpful to others in the guild.

Raids everyday at 5pm (17:00) Server Time. Additional raids may be scheduled if members are online and willing to attend.

Guild Leader: Orckiemoon, Xara, Scheyna, Gargameel, Arrde, Monkotaur, Scopey
Officers : Arvenmeow, Melisameow, Akasya, Arvencim, Kamelya, Allie, Qazafi, Motejavez, Realarkemond, Showkon, Epicury, Aroleron, Whatwat, Fucfuc, Buttbut, Scoobydudu, Assas, Ballsuck, Chamman, Disblessed, Seskypally, Magestream, Taurdk, Tauruid, Vjecnisokol, Borromiir, Eumenes, Smrtozov, Teslomir, Svetomir, Pyrrhos, Hoplite, Windyr, Wyndir, Windirr, Windir, Windiir, Windirmage